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Bianca was amazing to work with throughout the whole experience. She knew everything to ask and made my husband and I the most perfect wedding video. We have watched the highlight video and trailer so many times! Couldn’t be happier! 

- Maura Merritt

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...here are a few of our favorites...

Vivian & Sophano have been together for 20 years! He'd asked her to marry him twice before in their relationship and she said no both times. Finally, in 2019 he tried again and she finally said yes! These two have been through so much together and in their Highlight Film we see what it's all culminated to: a stunning wedding atop a high rise in Downtown Los Angeles contrasting with their beautiful engagement shoot in the National Sequoia forest.

Vivian + Sophano
Downtown Los Angeles
Running time: 11:37
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Allison + Raul
Trailer - Malibu, California
Running time: 1:00

Allison & Raul got married at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu which is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places to get married in Los Angeles. The two both have adorable children and combined their families to be the cutest little modern-day Brady Bunch. We're so excited for these two and the bright future they have ahead of them. Stay tuned for their full highlight!

Johnny + Sabrina
Engagement Video - Malibu, California
Running time: 2:54

Johnny & Sabrina have been together since they were teenagers. In this short engagement video, they tell the story of how they met on a school bus and then a few years later realized they were in love. 


Their wedding day is still coming up and we're so excited! Stay tuned for their wedding video!

Danielle + Aaron
Reptacular Ranch, Angeles Forest, CA
Running time: 8:48

High school sweethearts, Danielle & Aaron are so obviously gushing with love, and that's what makes their wedding film is so touching. They read their vows to each other in private, only a few minutes before the ceremony, and we were so honored to have been included in this extra special moment! 

Jude + Jason
Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, HI
Running time: 8:43

Jude and Jason met in High School and dated when they were both 18. Knowing that distance would separate them after graduation - they broke up. But they made one promise to each other, "When we turn 28, if we are both still single, then we'll give it another try." And that is what they did. Jason did call Jude 10 years later, and the rest is history. On their first date after 10 years, they got to know each other all over again and realized that they really were meant to be together. 

We are so proud to have been a part of this beautiful destination wedding for Jude & Jason; not just because the backdrop was stunning or because it's Hawaii, but because we were able to capture this rare story. They're a dynamic couple and were a breeze to work with, willing to be playful in any setting we asked to film them in. 

See their Social Media Trailer:
See their Social Media Trailer:
Leslie + Mikro
Palos Verdes Golf Course, Palos Verdes, CA
Running time: 9:42

For 4 years Leslie and Mirko maintained a loving relationship while living in different parts of the world. On this day, the two finally joined as life mates with the promise that they'll soon be together for the rest of their lives. Their story of perseverance and dedication shines through in this highlight film from their wedding day. 

Juliette + Simon
Walnut Grove, Moorpark, CA
Running time: 6:13
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Have you ever been on a first date that never ended? Juliette and Simon’s first date lasted two weeks as the two were inseparable from the very beginning. In speaking about their romance, Juliette’s sister recalls, “These two are such a perfect match and complement one and other so well, in so many ways. There’s something really special about that kind of love when you’re that comfortable with the other person so quickly as if it’s always been and always will be”. We were delighted and honored to be a part of this idyllic celebration of their love… 

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Gabrielle + Harry
Colony Palms Hotel, Palm Springs / Joshua Tree, CA
Running time: 4:47

Gabrielle & Harry's wedding was an exquisite gathering of friends and family set amidst the dramatic desert backdrop of Joshua Tree, California. The entire wedding party flew out from North Carolina to witness their union, and the resulting film is one of our all-time favorites.

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Maura + Cole
Hotel Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica Beach, CA
Running time: 6:27

Maura and Cole first met on campus at Loyola Marymount University. Their story comes full circle when 8 years later, they get married in the very same place; the chapel just a few hundred yards away from their old dorm building on campus and later that evening, they party the night away at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica Beach. 

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