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Authentic moments

only happen once

and I'm constantly looking for them.

Like when your mother hugged you ever so tightly before you set off down the isle, or that look in your father’s eyes when he realizes you’re all grown up. These are the moments you’ll cherish many years from now when today's wedding film becomes tomorrow’s family heirloom.


Your intimate portrait as a couple is curated by collecting breathtaking imagery on the day of your wedding, as well as sound bites from your most cherished moments like vows and love letters, coupled with unforgettable toasts by family and friends.


In one way or another,

your story will reveal itself; how you met, why you love each other, and the journey you've embarked on to arrive at where you are today. Once in post-production, I’ll artfully weave the narrative throughout your film, backed by a cinematic musical score fitting of your personalities, and bring your memoir to life. 

How is a wedding day transformed into a piece of visual storytelling?


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