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Hi! I’m Bianca, and I’m the owner of Big Day Productions. I am the main cinematographer and editor at Big Day and I truly want to get to know you before we begin the adventure of making your wedding film. 


A little about me: I was born to a father who worked at Warner Brothers Studios for 30+ years. He did the lighting for movies like Back to The Future, Rocky, Ghost Busters, Goonies, and Annie, Basic Instinct and Judgment Day. He took me to work quite often when I was a kid. I wandered around the big sets and it was there that I became familiar with the process of filmmaking. 


Later on in life, I learned to edit videos. When I realized I could make films myself was when I truly fell in love with the process... so I decided to go to film school. In 2012, I graduated from The Los Angeles Film School and soon after, got right into working on feature films. I did this for about 4 years until I finally decided I wanted to leave the feature film world and produce own creative projects. 


Creating wedding films seemed like the perfect medium for me. Over the previous 10 years I’d already done so many independent projects as a videographer, (outside of feature film work) but for the first time (in late 2017) I gave wedding films a shot. 


I love telling a couple’s love story in my own creative way. I want to hear about how they met, when they knew they were in love and what the proposal was like - all of these tidbits of information help me to formulate their film. Often times, I’ll just have a sit-down interview with them on the day and let them tell the story themselves. Other times, I’ll do it by having them read an exchanged love letter. I do my best to capture the emotion of the wedding by grabbing those moments between people that just can’t be staged. The way your mother hugged you before you set off down the aisle - that look in your father's eyes when he realizes you’ve finally grown up. I let these moments be the tone of the film. My approach with each event that happens throughout the day is treated like a scene in a movie, and it’s how I decide the way I'll “cover” an event - because we aren’t just doing event videography - we’re making a film out of your love story!

These days, wedding films are all I want to work on and have made most other types of videography projects, secondary. If you’d like to trust my creative abilities to make your wedding film, then send me a message and we can start planning! 

Behind the scenes in Hawaii at the destination wedding of Jude & Jason