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Jude + Jason


The Process: This couple was up for any creative ideas we had, from jumping in the ocean with their clothes on the day after their wedding, to doing interviews for use in their Highlight Film. This was one of our first wedding films, and was the film that made me decide to run with the Documentary-Style approach that we still take today. We were so proud to have been a part of this beautiful destination wedding; not just because the backdrop was stunning or because it's Hawaii, but because we were able to capture this rare and serendipitous story. 

Their Story: Jude and Jason met in High School and dated when they were both 18. Knowing that distance would separate them after graduation - they broke up. But they made one promise to each other, "When we turn 28, if we are both still single, then we'll give it another try." And that is what they did! Jason did call Jude 10 years later, and the rest is history. On their first date after 10 years, they got to know each other all over again and realized that they really were meant to be together. ​

Jude + Jason
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