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Kendall + Judah


The Edit: This gorgeous wedding day is hands down, our most emotional wedding film yet. I wept like a baby while editing it!


I'm loving the "old film/8mm" visual style lately and have been using it more and more often in Highlights. I wove the theme throughout the film and used a prayer in their ceremony as a cinematic, cold-open intro piece.


The Day: This gorgeous wedding day takes place at Lucchesi Vineyards in Grass Valley, CA., and is hands down, our most emotional wedding film yet. Kendall's processional was unique and dramatic as her father drove her down to the ceremony site in his old Ford truck, and then walked her up the aisle while Judah shed tears as she approached. I could barely hold my camera watching all of this happen, and there wasn't a dry eye in the audience! Congratulations to this young couple in love; we're so excited for the rest of their lives. 💕

Kendall + Judah
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