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Taylor + Justin


The Process: During our initial calls, in talking about what sort of Highlight they'd like to have made, Taylor mentioned that she liked the interviews she'd seen in another one of our films. I was psyched because I love using voiceover from interviews, as it gives the film a Documentary-Style feel. About a week before their wedding date, we met on the South Yuba River, and I asked them a few questions about how they met, why they love each other, and their hopes for the future. Afterward, I got some footage of them frolicking in the river, which is a regular summertime activity for Nevada City residents. During their "romantics" sessions on their wedding day, they were super playful with each other, giggling and being silly, so I decided to use the natural audio from the session to help convey their real, authentic moments, ultimately lending to Doc-Style approach we chose to go with for their film.

The Day: Taylor and Justin both come from very tightly bonded, loving families, and it was such a great pleasure to be around this group. They got married in Taylor's childhood home, where her parents still live today, on the bluest lake I've ever seen! There was an atmosphere of warmth and love in the air throughout the day, and after sunset, they tore up the dancefloor with an energy you don't see at every wedding! Congrats to this awesome couple!

Taylor + Justin
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