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Vivian + Sophano


The Process: Vivian & Sophano chose to have their engagement session filmed in the dramatic setting of the Sequoia National Forest. Naturally, we just had to use this gorgeous footage as part of their Highlight film as well. As scenes interchange between sky-scraping redwoods to the skyscraper buildings of Downtown LA, we get a real sense of contrasting environments. They gave me their old photos and videos, including their proposal video, to work with as a way to help tell their story.

Their Story: Vivian & Sophano have been together for 20 years! He'd asked her to marry him twice before in their relationship and she said no both times. Finally, in 2019 he tried again and she finally said yes! These two have been through so much together and in their Highlight Film we see what it's all culminated to: a stunning wedding atop a high rise in Downtown Los Angeles.

Vivian + Sophano
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