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 Real Moments 

Authentic moments only happen once and we're constantly looking for them. Like when your mother hugged you ever so tightly before you set off down the aisle, or that look in your father’s eyes when he realizes you’re all grown up. These are the moments you’ll cherish years from now when today's wedding film becomes tomorrow’s family heirloom.
Kyla + Elijah
Nhu + Andy
Rosie + Carter
Kendall + Judah
Kelsey + Wyatt
Taylor + Justin
Jessica + Juan
 Our Shooting & Editing Style
  • โ€‹We work in a documentarian, fly-on-the-wall style of shooting. Like Nat Geo photographers we like to capture our couples in their natural element. Really, we just want to let moments simply be what they are.
  •  Classically trained by film school & and feature film work, we use the fundamentals of filmmaking to create short, story-driven films about love.
  • Beauty is always a consideration. If it isn't your best shot, we aren't using it. 
  • We stand by the philosophy that over-staging moments will lead to a wedding film that won't feel authentic to who you are. We think of your wedding film as a polished, yet honest, behind-the-scenes look at the best day of your life.

Frances S., Chico, CA.

"Big Day Productions was delightful to work with. She shot and produced my daughter's wedding video. The video is so breathtaking ; I am full of emotion every time I watch it. She was easy to work with and offers expectional service."
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