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Real Moments Captured
For your future generations

Adding video to your wedding day is a big decision.

You might be wondering...

"How will my wedding day be transformed into a cinematic wedding film?"

Authentic moments only happen once and we're constantly looking for them. Like when your mother hugged you ever so tightly before you set off down the aisle, or that look in your father’s eyes when he realizes you’re all grown up. These are the moments you’ll cherish years from now when today's wedding film becomes tomorrow’s family heirloom.


Your intimate portrait as a couple is curated by collecting breathtaking imagery on the day of your wedding, as well as sound bites from your most cherished moments like vows and love letters, coupled with unforgettable toasts by family and friends. In one way or another, your story will reveal itself; how you met, why you love each other, and the journey you've embarked on to arrive at where you are on this day. Once in the editing bay, I’ll artfully weave the narrative throughout your film, backed by a cinematic musical score fitting of your personalities, and bring your memoir to life. 

- Bianca Smith, Lead Filmmaker

 Big Day Productions is a boutique wedding videography company that creates one of-a-kind video memoirs for couples in Northern California and beyond. Based in Nevada County, our local venues are in Nevada City, Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Yuba City, Marysville, the Greater Sacramento area, and Lake Tahoe. We take great pride in our service-oriented approach, are personable & friendly and are respectful of your time allowing you to enjoy your wedding day!
 the way we shoot
We want you to remember
your Big Day the way that it really happened. 
That's why we shoot:
  • ​Documentary style & "fly on the wall". 
  • We're classically trained by film school & feature film work using fundamental filmmaking techniques to create story-driven short films. 
  • Beauty is always a consideration. If it isn't your best shot, we aren't using it. 
  • When it comes to the shot: It's all about light & composition.
  we believe wedding films should feel...
  • True. True to the aesthetic of your wedding and true to your personality as a couple.
  • Romantic. Always romantic.
  • FUN! Give us an inch of it and we'll take a mile! (in the edit, that is)
  • Nostalgic. We want you to look back on your film during those very special nights, 10 and 20 years from now. That's why it should also feel...
  • Timeless. We want these films to be a time capsule that will stand the test of time and still be a great film years from now.
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Hey there!

I'm Bianca! I'm the Lead Filmmaker and Editor at Big Day and I truly want to get to know you throughout the adventure of making your wedding film.


My passion for filmmaking goes back to my childhood. I was born to a father who worked at Warner Brothers Studios for 30+ years. He did the lighting for movies like... 


" I had an amazing experience with Big Day Productions. They are professional, highly skilled and passionate. In short, they are awesome and the work they produce speaks for itself! Nothing less than the highest quality of work." 

- Mehad Ashfaq 


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"The Big Day production team was awesome! Bianca is so sweet. She was very responsive and easy to work with. Also, they are super creative. I feel like they were a great addition to my wedding day. Such positive energy! I would hands down, recommend." 


- Gabrielle Thompson

"Oh my! We can’t say enough great things about Big Day Productions. Bianca and her crew made the most amazing wedding video for us. It couldn’t have been better. Bianca was so great to work with. Capturing every moment that I didn’t get to see, being the bride. And re-editing the video until we both were so happy with it. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Thank you Bianca and thank you Big Day Productions for all your hard work. We will enjoy our wedding video for the rest of our lives!

 -Maria Christine

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